Seahawks vs Cardinals

Seahawks vs Cardinals ; The Seahawks are going to the playoffs. To be honest, week 17 is basically meaningless for Seattle except for deciding who they will play in the first round of the postseason. Will Seattle rest some of their starters against the Cardinals? And who wins when Seattle plays Arizona at CenturyLink?

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Impressive game this past Sunday for the Seahawks. They got back on track and looked solid. Let’s hope Arizona is looking to lose and be in contention for the number one pick in the 2019 NFL draft. Although we should rest some injured guys for the playoffs, it would be nice to finish the regular season with a win. I think Seattle wins.

After a huge win against a top-tier team, the Seahawks may be facing a trap game in the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. The Seahawks tend to play to the level of their opponents. With Josh Rosen‘s status in the air after an apparent arm injury, we don’t know if the Seattle defense will be playing Rosen or Mike Glennon – although I hope it’s the latter. The Seahawks hardly snuck away with a win in Arizona earlier in the season, and I think it will be more of the same. The defense should have a nice day, but the Seattle offense always struggles against the Arizona defense. Seattle will finish with 10 wins and will secure the fifth seed in the NFC playoffs in an ugly win.

Arizona always gives the ‘Hawks fits. Seattle doesn’t absolutely need the win, but they do need to continue to send the message they’re back, and lock up the fifth seed. Chris Carson continues to brutalize would-be tacklers, Russell Wilson keeps his December magic going and Bobby Wagner keeps being the Defensive Player of the Year. Seattle rolls in this one.

My prediction is in no way meant for anyone to think that I think Arizona is better than Seattle. The Seahawks are the better team. I just don’t think Seattle really has a lot to play for in this game and I also believe that Seattle would be better off with some rested players. Why play Carson much when Seattle knows they need him at full strength in the playoffs? And there are a bunch of other players that need rest too. I want to see more of Brett Hundley than Wilson. Arizona wins because it’s a meaningless game for Seattle.

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